Tammy Wynette - Safe In These Lovin Arms Of Mine chords

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Safe In These Lovin' Arms of Mine
G          C                   G               C
I remember when I gave you the key to my front door
G				    F   D
Love had taken over this heart of mine
   G              C                  G               C
If you could only see the smile that comes across my face
G                                F
When I hear your footsteps at my door
D				   G
When I hear you walkin' up to my door

When you reach for me and take my hand
    B7                Em 
You make me know that you're my man
         C            G            C            G 
And I'll hold you and kiss you and warm you and love you
        C         G               F   
Cause I know that some day you'll find
                     D              G
You're safe in these lovin' arms of mine

I know what men are made of cause I've been around a few
They'll use you for awhile and leave you cold
You may cheat and run around cause you gotta have your fun
But like I told you many times before
You'll always have the key to my front door


by: Josť Duarte
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