Tammy Wynette - Thats When I Feel It chords

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That's When I Feel It 
E				      C#7
Fanny's washing the clothes I know, think I'll give Mary Sue a call
F#m						  B7
I've cleaned the house, there's nothing left to do
E			       C#7
Gonna be another lonely night cause he's not here to hold me tight
F#m				B7
The kids are on bed my day is through

G#                       C#m
Sometimes I wonder if he still loves me when he's home
F#7				  B7     
He never fails to change my mind the minute he gets home

That's when I feel it his love the most, 
That's when he holds me, holds me so close
	      F#m		   B7                   E
That's when I know it because he shows it how much he loves me

Sometimes I wonder...
That's when I feel it...

by: Josť Duarte
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