Tammy Wynette - He Loves Me All The Way chords

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He Loves Me All The Way

Bb                      F                Bb
Sometimes when he comes home I'm cooking breakfast
                  G7             C7   F
I haven't slept a wink all night long  
Bb                      F               Bb 
I've been laying in bed thinking like a woman
C7                                  F
Wondering if my man's been doing me wrong

   Bb                    F            Bb
To think he might be out with another woman
                G7              C7   F
Makes my temper rise with jealousy
    Bb                   F                Bb
But all these years I've never caught him cheating
  C7                  F              Bb
I guess he needs some time away from me

    D#               D#+
But when he loves me he really loves me
D#6                            Bb 
There's nothing left for me to say
   D#               D#+ 
Oh when he loves me he really loves me
D#6         C7      F
He loved me all the way

I'm not ever gonna worry about tomorrow
As long as he makes everything alright today
I'd rather wonder a little and have his loving
Cause when he loves me he loves me all the way

Chorus + Verse 3

by: Josť Duarte
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