Tammy Wynette - Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad chords

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F                                 C7
I've never seen the inside of a barroom
                                  F     C7
Or listened to a jukebox all night long
     F                                        Bb
But I see these are the things that bring you pleasure
      G                            C7
So I'm gonna make some changes in our home
     F                                     C7
I've heard it said: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"
                                        F   C7
So if that's the way you've wanted me to be
  F                                      Bb
I'll change if it takes that to make you happy
       F                 C7             F
From now on you're gonna see a different me.

F                 Bb             F
Because your good girl's gonna go bad
I'm gonna be the swingin'est swinger you've ever  had
                F          Bb          F
If you like 'em painted up powdered up
Then you oughta be glad
            F    C7              F
'Cause your good girl's gonna go bad.

I'll even learn to like the taste of whiskey
In fact, you'll hardly recognize your wife
I'll buy some brand new clothes and dress up fancy
For my journey to the wilder side of life.

TAG:  Oh! Yeah! Your good girl's gonna go bad.
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