Tammy Wynette - If You Think I Love You Now Ive Just Started chords

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If You Think I Love You Now (I've Just Started) 

G#                      Bb               D# 
It's nothing new for a woman to love her man
        G#           F       Bb              D#  
It's an old familiar story I know you'll understand
    G#                Bb              D#
And I've been loving you a long long time
        G#         F       Bb                D#  
So I'll make you a promise I won't change my mind

           G#        C     C#           G#
And you'll never be alone, never broken hearted
               Fm       Bbm  D#       G#     C#  G#   
If you think I love you now I've just started

Too many times people break each other's heart
By making vows that so quickly fall apart
So as long as you want me by your side
I'll be your woman your lover and I'll keep you satisfied

And you'll never be alone...
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