Tanya Chua - Is It Over Now chords

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Is it over now
Song: Tanya Chua
Tabbed by Andrew Ng
Email: sleepwalker174@yahoo.com
C                    Csus             D                   Em7

Verse 1
C     Csus
Is it over now
D                   Em7
Do we really have to say goodbye
C               Csus            D        Em7
Doesnít mean that we canít talk anymore
Em     D
Cause I still love you so
Em7    Csus
Cause I didnít mean to break your heart
C      Csus      D     Em7
If you only knew why I had to let you go
C    Csus    D       Em7

Verse 2
Is it over now
Feels like itís the end of the world
I donít really want to try to get over you
Cause I still see your face
Feel your breathe everywhere I go
Donít think Iíll ever find someone just like you

Thought we could last
F                    G
Be together forever
But we didnít last
F                   G
We sure did put up a fight
                Csus              D              Em7
Now it hurts so bad with you out of my life
Em7    D             Csus
Is it really over now

Verse 3
Guess itís over now
Iím sitting here all alone
Someone is knocking but it wonít be you at my door

Letting go is never easy
I have been learning it the hard way
C                  Csus                         D                    Em7
Iíve been counting every minute and second since the day you left

Thought we could have last
Be together forever
But we didnít last
We sure did put up a fight
Now it hurts so bad with you out of my life
Is it really over now
Is it really over now

C    032010
Csus 032033
D    000232
Em7  022033
Em   022000
F    133211
G    320033

I really like this song and wanted to play it on guitar, so I just tabbed it out. I 
it sounds right, but comments and improvements are welcome. I finger pick this song, but 
sounds alright too. Have fun!

Andrew Ng
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