Tatu - Not Gonna Get Us chords

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Tabbed by: Aletys19
Capo on 4th

Intro: F E Am C

F                 E
Not gonna get us 
They're not gonna get us 
  C                    F
Not gonna get us 
E                   Am C
Not gonna get us 
F                  E
Starting from here, let's make a promise 
Am            C
You and me, let's just be honest 
F               E
We're gonna run, nothing can stop us 
Am                    C
Even the night that falls all around us 

F                        E
Nothing can stop this, not now I love you 
They're not gonna get us 
They're not gonna get us 

(And it's all the same for the rest of the chorus, the other verses, the bridge and the outro) :)
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