Taylor Steinhoff - Topped With Soil chords

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_________________________ Topped with soil __________________________________

* this song i wrote for my sister (MacKenzie)
* its about her "love" who beats her up, yes we all know its wrong and somethings
its better understood through music then through talking, so i wrote this song to
show her what will eventually be their result in the relationship, this subject is
very touchy for me, so instead of talking about it i tun to my love of my life
(guitar) is avoiding the while talking part, i just sing, (she cried when i sang
it to her)

4th capo (or what ever matched your voice better)

strumming pattern is {D= Strum Down}{U= Strum Up} ( D D D   U U D  U D)- this for each chord

Em Cmaj7 G6 (E/D power chord, play these two all as 
one chord) X2

Hey, Hey, look at your life you
Cmaj7                  G6           (E/D)-PwCrd
You Could Have Been The Shine In The Light
        Em               Cmaj7          G6             (E/D)-PwCrd
But Now You... Find Your Self Digging A Hole In A Fight

Em Cmaj7 G6 E/D power Chord X2 --In A Fight... X2 during the instrumental

Verse #1:
      Em         Cmaj7
Struggling To Get Up
          G6                   (E/D)-PwCrd
On Your Last Breathe You Stand Up And Scream
      Em                    G6        (E/D)-PwCrd
In My Dream I Cant Do A God Damn Thing....But Sing...

Chorus: -Strumming pattern [D D U U D U )- each chord

C             D
WE All Know So Let It Go
      Em                   G
It's Not What You Think It Is
C              D          Em         G
You Cant Continue The Way You Been Livin'
You Don't Understand
          D                       Em         G
How This Could End Up... How This Could End Up..X2

(Instrumental) Free style
( Em Cmaj7 G6 {E/D-PwCrd} C D 
Em G )

Intro #2:

Hey, Hey, Look At My Life
Cmaj7                G6              (E/D)-PwCrd
I've Been Unable To Sleep Since The Fight.... That Night..
      Em              Cmaj7            G9    (E/D)-PwCrd
Not Knowing Were You Are And If Your Being Scared

      Em      Cmaj7
Struggling To Coop
      G6                    (E/D)-PwCrd
With All The Reasoning You Choose
      Em      Cmaj7         G6
Thinking Beyond My Self Control
Is What I Was Told


Verse #3:

Open Your Eye's Girl,
Open Them Wide Girl,
G6                    (E/D)-PwCrd
Show The Rest Of The World Your Good Side (Girl)...
Open Your Eyes Girl,
Push Him Aside Girl,
G6                   (E/D) PwCrd
Show The Rest Of the World Your Strength (Girl)...

Open Your Eyes Girl,
Open Them Wide Girl,
G6           (E/D)-PwCrd
You've Got A Bur-used Heart (Girl)...

From The Very Start
Cmaj7                  G6
Your Heart Is Drowning In Booze
To Hind The Abuse

(slow Strumming (D D U D U -D D U D U))

Verse #4

Em                             Cmaj7
Now You Find Your Self Laying In The Ground
 G6                              (E/D)-PwCrd
And Now Your Standing At the Top Looking Down
And See Shame
And Hear Blame
         G6    (E/D)-PwCrd
And See Pain

(Normal Strumming)

Em                 Cmaj7
All The Things We Seen
And you Didn't
    (E/D)-PwCrd       Em
Yes We Had A Hard Life
      Cmaj7               G6            (E/D)-PwCrd
And That Should Make You Stronger Not Weaker
Em    Cmaj7   G6  (E/D)-PwCrd
Stronger Not Weaker-X6

C               D
We All Know So Let It Go
     Em                   G
Its Not What You Think It Is No More
C                        D        Em                G
You Stopped Living That Way, And Love It Move Every Day
C            D
Now You Understand
Em            G
And Seen How It Ended
C                     D              Em
But Now Your Looking Down At Your Self
As We All Cry And Say


So... Hey Hey Look At your Life
Cmaj7                    G6           (E/D)-PwCrd
You Could Have Been The Shine In Our Lights
Em                  Cmaj7
But Now There's No Spark
 G6       (E/D)-PwCrd       Em-(letthe chord ring out)
As We All Live In The.... Dark....

Let me know what you think!:)

this was my very first song i was able to finish!:)
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