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Taylor Swift - You Dont Have To Call chords

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You don't Have to Call by Taylor Swift

My first Tab! Taylor Swift is my favourite, not many people know this song. I tried to
do this by ear, so sorry if the chords aren’t exact, but I think it sounds pretty
similar. There are some fast chord changes in places but if you use the strum pattern I 
do, it works well! (: The second “down” is where you change the chord

Standard Tuning EADGBE

Strum pattern:  D DU DU

The chords are basic, except the D/F#:
Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions/concerns (:

                  G    D
You don't have to call me

     Em7       Cadd9
And say you're sorry
 G    D     Cadd9
I'm already gone
                   G    D
You don't have to call me
      D/F#    Cadd9
And break my heart
       G    D         A     Cadd9
Each time i try movin on,  oh
                   G, D,  Em7  Cadd9
You don't have to call,   Anymore
Cadd9   G        D
Oh, Yeah
G              D,      Cadd9,   G(last note,1 strum,let it ring out)
You don't have to call baby

The last note is one strum down!
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