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Taylor Swift - Gracie chords

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No Capo
Standard Tuning

Dsus2 (strum twice, then switch 2nd string's 3fret to 2fret), G

Dsus2                             G
My name's Gracie, I'll be five in May
Dsus2                                      G
I'm kinda scared 'cause I've never been on a plane
Em7                         G
And my mama says that it'll be alright
Em7                  G        A
'Cause I'm gonna see my daddy tonight

D                       G                        A
She says that there's a whole lot of good people in heaven
D       G               A
I don't wanna get there too soon
D                  G             A  
And I know there's a God because I met Him
D             G                A
And I see Him when I'm looking at you
There ain't no accidents in  what we do

My name's Heather, guess we're on the same plane
Don't mind Gracie, she could talk to you all night
She's finally well enough to travel, doctor says, "She's in the clear"
She's been in and out of hospitals, yeah, it's been a rough year

James T. Johnson, that's her daddy's name
He's been overseas, it'll be a year today
He never talked about being scared over the phone
He just said me and Gracie could come and take him home
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