Tea Leaf Green - Ride Together tab

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                                Ride Together
                              By: Tea Leaf Green

(Words and Music by Trevor Garrod)

G C  x8

G                         F
Let's all ride together,
G                                  F
To my friend's house on the hill.
G                         F
Let's all ride together,
G                        F
We got one tank to fill. 
G                       C
If money is a problem,
G                              C
We'll sell what we don't need.
G                                C
And close our eyes in happiness,

(G)         G                       F  F#m               
We're gonna sleep beneath the weeds,
G                        F  F#m
Sleep beneath the weeds,
G                        F  F#m  Gm  1 more chord down if you want
Sleep beneath the weeds. 

G              D            C      D
My friends all laugh at me.
          G                 D               C     D
Say I got good eyes but I still don't see
G               D             C         D
Why that world keeps on crumbling.
     G                     D                  C        D
We got good cards but the wrong man's dealing. 

Jam For a couple of minutes.

G                              C
My friend be sure to feed us,
       G                       C
At his house up on that hill.
      G                          C
With corned beef he's a genius;
         G                              C
And his vegetables are known to thrill. 

                G                        C
So come on and Let's all ride together.
      G                            C
We'll wind down through the pines.
    G                                C
And if that road gets treacherous,
       G                          F  F#m
We'll pretend that we don't mind,
G                           F   F#m
Pretend that we don't mind,
G                           F   F#m   Gm   (Add optional chord)
Pretend that we don't mind. 



If you acually hear the song then you'll know where to put the chords

                                            Yeah Tea Leaf Green,
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