Tea Party - Heaven Coming Down tab

                             Heaven Coming Down (intro) - The Tea Party
Tabbed by: Daniel
E-mail: drummerdee@hotmail.com

Tuning: F#, B, D, F#, B, d

d |----|-------0---------|---0---------------|-------0----------|-------0---------|------------|
B |----|---0-------------|-----2---0---------|------------------|---0-------------|------------|
D |----|-----------5---7-|-------------2/5---|-----------5---/7-|-----------5---7-|------------|
B |----|-----------------|-------------------|-0----------------|-8---------------|------------|

This is what I have sat down and figured out by listening to the song and watching
multiple videos of
Jeff Martin playing it. When he plays live and acoustically, he tunes down a whole step.
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