Team Me - Weathervanes And Chemicals chords

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This probably isn't correct as I did it by ear, however I've played it through and it 
sounds good enough. There weren't any chords so I thought I'd give it a shot! Enjoy.

Am  x02210
C   x32010
G   355433
F   133211
C/b x2x010

          Am                              C
As the mountains melt together with the sunrise

   G                 F
You tell me about the time

      Am                        C
When you turned yourself into a stranger,

            G                               F
And all the chemicals were dancing in your blood

      Am                    C
When you dear suddenly felt seasick

               G                       F
Because you thought all lies were revealed

          Am                         C
And the thing that I felt when you told me

            G                             F
About that house with that singing weathervane

 G         Am  C  C/b   F

        Am                       C
Oh, determined heart please translate it!

             G                       F
These cryptic messages hidden in between,

     Am                      C
Her moon and her sky and her oceans

                G                          F
Cause I don't seem to understand them anymore.

         Am                              C
Now the bachelor seems to wind up in the corner

        G                          F
And his army of lovers they have left.

         Am                    C
And the breakman is obviously sleeping.

             G                          F
Cause this train is going faster than light.

 G         Am     C C/b F

Am C G F
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