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Team Me - Weathervanes And Chemicals chords

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           C#m        E        G#m                    A
As the mountain melts together with the sunrise
       B       A            G#m
You talk about the time
         C#m             E          G#m   A
when you turned yourself into a stranger
                  B                       A                      G#m
And all the chemicals were dancing in your blood

         C#m        E             G#m   A
When you dear suddenly felt seasick
                    B                A            G#m
Because you thought all lies were revealed
             C#m            E   G#m         A
And the thing that I felt when you told me
                  B                      A                     G#m
about that house with that singing weathervane

Ah... (C#m E G#m A  B  A G#m)

Oh, determined heart please translate it!
These cryptic messages hidden in between
her moon and her sky and her oceans
'cause I don't seem to understand them anymore

Now the bachelor seems to wind up in the corner
And his army of lovers they have left
And the breakman is obviously sleeping
'cause his train is going faster than light

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