Teardrop Explodes - Ha Ha Im Drowning chords

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Ha, ha, I'm drowning - lead track of Kilimanjaro

Brass intro:

  (actually the brass doesn't play powerchords, but for guitar it just gives more, 
ehh... power)

G-4-------4-9 -7-6-4-------4-2-4-2-| [repeat]
D-2-------2-7 -5-4-2-------2-0-2-0-|

                   Em       Am
Oh use your common sense

                          Em         D
And Don't take things for granted

                       Em       Am
You know it's not like that

                 Em       D
It isn't how you said (in live versions mr. Cope used 'say' regularly)

You ask me if I love you
Well I don't think that's fair
You ask me if I love you
Well I don't think that's real

To critize our love

E5 F#5 G5 A5 (basically same chords as used in the brass hook, but then it can be played 
from an open E, as a standard powerchord)

[the rest of the song is pretty much the same, except for the bridge - but this is 
basically repeating one chord - not really spectacular]
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