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Tears Of Blood - Life Wont Wait tab

1/8/00 Copyright Music and Lyrics by Mark O'Dwyer

                                        Life Won't Wait
                                        Tears of Blood

e -------------------------------|-----------------------| R
B -------------------------------|-----------------------| E
G ------0-----------0---------  -|-----0---------0-------| P
D ----2---2-------2---2------x2--|---0---0-----0---0-----| E
A --2-------2-0-3-------3-0---  -|-2-------2-0-------0---| A
E -------------------------------|-----------------------| T

e -----------------------|
B ---------------0-------|
G -------------0-----  --|
D --2-2-2--2-2-------x2--|
A --2-2-2--3-3-------  --|
E -----------------------|

e ---------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------|
G ---------------------------------|
D --2-2-2-2---2-2-2----------------|
A --2-2-2-0---3-3-3----------------|
E ---------------------------------|

(not in the third verse)
   Em        C6
e ---------------------------------|
B --0-0-0-0---0-0-0----------------|
G --0-0-0-0---0-0-0----------------|
D --2-2-2-2---2-2-2----------------|
A --2-2-2-2---3-3-3----------------|
E --0-0-0-0---0-0-0----------------|

E           C               G            D  Dsus4 Dm
Altough the world has died, we will collid
E               G                G                     D
And though this planets screwed, we'll be together again

the Question is when...



Verse 1:
We are lost, we are gone
No surprise, in a world, gone wrong
Pre chorus:
No ones spoken, in passing time
Now its too late and are fate is to die....

Chorus once

Verse 2:
Nothing esle matters, when your around
I have not worrys though everthing is on the ground
Pre chorus:
I always smile, knowing that your mine
Your so unique u send shivers down my spine....

Chorus x2

Verse 3:
This world has crumbled, through hate and greed
But once there is love like ours, life will suceed
Forget any everthing, let go of your breath
just your eyes and let your body SET!!!

Chorus x2

When , when, when, when
through our deathful dead
let this bitch world bleed.
Life wont wait.....
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