Ted Wulfers - St Estephe tab

St. Estephe 
By Ted Wulfers
From the Album: Agave Blue 2002

Chords used in this song:
       C    Am    F    G   C/B

C                 Am
Met on an interstate 
F               C
Bound for Carolina
Am              C
Sure is hard to get there 
          F                C
But your soul knows the way 
C                 Am
She had the gift of tongue 
F               C
Laurels and medals 
Am              C
He gave up that life 
          F        C
Long before today 

G       F                 C    C/B
She was fourteen years old 
Am      F            C    C/B
He was barely a man 
Am        G             F
Now she's pickin' up her life 
   G                           C  F F C  F F
An' he sings with the band 

C                 Am
Her eyes light up the night 
F               C
Like itty bits o' sequin 
Am              C
She likes his face 
     F          C
A story of its own 
C                 Am
Company's a fright
F               C
Lonely in Manhattan
Am              C
Waiting for a savior
     F          C   
Or to see his show

G       F             C    C/B
She grew out her hair
Am      F             C    C/B
Says she wants to be a star
Am      G           F   
It's a long road to heaven
From the backseat of a car    C  F F C  C  C/B

Am         G         F                C
A dancer, a poet, a living existential
Am         F                C     C/B
Nothing St. Estephe cannot save
Am        G         F                C
One can escape from running in circles
Am       F           G
Promises die in the grave

C                 Am
Night they finally spent
F       C
Winona, Minnesota
Am                C
A pretty face was born here
F                 C
The ugly pass away
C            Am
Holy is the magic
F              C
In this life or after
Am            C
Romance is a stranger
F            C
Lets a lover stay

G       F                  C   C/B
Now she's twenty years old
Am        F             C     C/B
And she's found another man
Am        G            F
She's lookin' back on life
     G                  C    FF  C  FF  C  FF  CC
An' he sings in the band
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