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Teenage Fanclub - Getting Real tab

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"Getting Real"

Chords by: Chris Bray (
Corrections by:  Masanori Ogino (

Intro:   D D G A  (x 4)  {Play each chord once}
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Em                    G                D D G A    D D A G
Used to think the stars above were growin'
Em                 G                 D D G A   D D A G
Used to think that I could be there too
A              G           D
Watch winds of time a blowin'
        Em        G      A( backing accorstic guitar D Db B D )
But the sky won't let me feel

     G             A      D
Got me in a real life situation
        G          A        D
Even though the world is fakin'
           Em      A                D
And hey that dedication, ooh ooh ooh

D D G  A  (x 4)   {Play each chord once}

{Play verse chords}
I had a dream that I was six feet taller
I had a dream that I could be with you
Wept a world above your shoulders
'Cause a hole to search is through

{Chorus}  (x 2)

{Ending chords}   D D G A  D D
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