Ten - Love Became The Law chords

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TEN Ė Love Became The Law
from the album Babylon (2000)

Em, C (4x)

Verse 1:
     C           Em    C    Em
Itís you that I adore
    C                 Em     C    Em
How could I count the ways?
    C                 Am
For I have found with you
  G/B              C
A love so pure and true
     D                  Em    C    Em
That nothing breaks the fall

Verse 2:
                  Em    C    Em
Well maybe Iím in awe
     C          Em     C    Em
Just maybe Iím amazed
     C            Am
When every road I choose
  G/B                C
Begins and ends with you
    D            A     C    D
Iím finally not alone

Em        C               G               D/F#
Love like ours burns like fire, dusk till dawn
Em      C            G      D/F#
Endless light giving proof
Em        C            G           D/F#
Love like ours answers why we were born
         Am    G/B               C
I was confused... then there was you
    D               Em
And love became the law

repeat Intro

Verse 3:
   C                Em   C   Em
In love you give it all
     C                 Em   C   Em
Your heart decides the way   
    C                 Am
The sweetest kiss and tell
     G/B             C
That casts a moonlit spell
     D               A     C    D
Then pins you to the wall

repeat Chorus

Solo rhythm:
Em, C (4x)
Am, G/B, C, D
A, C, D
Em, C, G, D/F# (3x)
Am, G/B, C, D

repeat Chorus

end on Em
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