Tennis - South Carolina chords

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Hi everyone! I was just listening to this song and I began to figure out some of the 
chords. I don't think these are quite exact for the entire song, but please bear with me as 
this is my first tab.

G                                     C
South Carolina where the Cypress grow

White pine and hemlock all seem to know

G                                            C
The tidal sweep through your southern marsh

The squall last night seemed a little harsh

G                                                                    C
Your little island lees give us shelter from the seas

Oh no, what was that, a no-see-um attack

G               C                  Bm
The sun is sinking awfully fast

Can we make it last?

G                     C            Bm
We can't move on by looking back

Can we make it last?

G                              C
South Carolina really makes a man

If The South can't do it then no one can

G                                       C
The morning breeze is my favorite part

Carry South Carolina deep in my heart

G                                              C
We'll make a family in the quiet country

You and me, in simplicity

xoxo Sabrina
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