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Tenth Avenue North - Tale Of A King tab

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Tale of A King
Tenth Avenue North
Key F# Capo 2 (E)

Intro: E    A    F#    B

Verse 1:
E            A                    
Stick around and notice that theres 
F#              B
More to me then what you know
E                A
Even though your doubts are speaking
F#                B
All of those have got to go
E             A    
How you think Im full of anger 
F#                  B
How you thought Im just no fun
E               A
Get off of your keister now 
    F#                   B
And figure out whos the only one

C#m    A   E          B   C#m
And as you go (and as you go)
       A   E           B   C#m
I hope you see (I hope you see)
C#m           A  E
What you mean to me
          F#              A
Im so in love to finding us
A tale of a King

Verse 2:
E            A 
Evey now and then Ill notice
F#           B
Every time I come your way
E              A
With a vicious glance
         F#                 B
You turn around and have nothing to say
E                A
Could it be that youre just angry?
F#               B
Could it be that Im just right? 
E              A
Forget about tomorrow 
            F#              B
Cause right now you have to hold on tight

E                     F#
Let me drop my anchor here
And find a place to call my own
        C#m                B              E
Cause I know that space is bigger left a--lone
          F#                 A
Its your heart in searching for
     C#m            B                  E
So until you let me in Ill pound this door

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