Tenth Avenue North - Hold My Heart chords

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I watched the video for this song several times to get it right so this should be right. 
This is Jeff's part, no capo.

Am: intro, verse and chorus:x02210  Bridge:x57755
F: Chorus and Bridge:133211  Verse:x03210
C: verse and chorus:x32010  Bridge:x35533
G: verse and Chorus:3x0033  Bridge:355433
Dm: bridge only:x57765

so basically, all bars on the bridge and bar F in the chorus, and bar F and Am for Prechorus.
If this is confusing, ill just put (Bar) beside chords you are supposed to bar.

Verse 1:

Verse 1 Lyrics:
How long, must i pray, must i pray to you?
How long, must i wait, must i wait for you?
How long till i see your face, see you shinning through?

Prechorus 1:

Prechorus 1 lyrics:
I'm on my knees, Begging you to notice me
I'm on my knees, father will you turn to me?

C                              Am
One tear in the dropping rain, one voice in a sea of pain
F (Bar)                       G
Could the maker of the stars, hear the sound of my breaking heart?
C                         Am
One life, thats all I am, right now i can barely stand
F (Bar)                                         G
If you're everything you say you are would you, come close and hold my heart

Verse 2:
Am       F          C                  G
Ive been so afraid, afraid to close my eyes
Am      F              C               G
So much can slip away, before i say goodbye
Am            F             C                G
But if theres no other way, I'm done asking why

Prechorus 2:
F (Bar)                        G
Im on my knees, begging you to turn to me
Am (Bar)                       Em
Im on my knees, father will ou run to me?

(Chorus x1)

Bridge: Bar all chords
Dm                Am               C                   G
So many questions without answers, your promises remain
Dm                  C                Am          G           F
I can't see but ill take my chances, to hear you call my name
Am          G           F
To hear you call my name

(Chorus x1)((First half- light strumming))

C  Am  F(Bar)  G(Bar)  finish on 1-strum C
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