Tenth Avenue North - Oh My Dear chords

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Oh My Dear by Tenth Avenue North

    F                       A#
I called you up, you were in bed
               F                        A#
Could barely make out the words that you said
         F                   Am
But you wanted to see me instead
So I got dressed
        F                   A#
And I stepped out into the snow
     F                  A#
And walked for a mile or so
          F                         Am             A#
Felt the rush of blood come from the cold, in my chest

          F                    A#
Well you finally came to the door
        F                     A#
And we talked for an hour or more
          F                           Am
Until I asked if you would stay up till four
You said that's fine
         F                                A#   
But you said there's something I have to say
       F                           A#
And I can't because I'm just so afraid
          F                          Am          A# 
And so I held you as you started to shake, that night

Dm     F
Oh my dear
A#           A#2
I will wait for you
Dm       F          A#       A#2
Grace tonight, will pull us through

           F                    A#
Until the tears have left your eyes
           F                  A#
Until the fear can sleep at night
            F                   A#         Dm 
Until the demons that you're scared of, disappear inside
             F               A#
Until this guilt begins to crack
          F                     A#
And the weight falls from your back
Oh my dear
A#2                          F
I'll keep you in my arms tonight

            F                         A#
You slowly lifted your head from your hands
            F                               A#
You said "I just don't think that youll understand
             F                    Am                        A#
Youll never look at me that way again, if you knew what I did"
             F                       A#
And so your tears fell and melted the snow
              F                  A#
You told me secrets nobody had known
           F                          Am                       A#
Oh, but I never loved you more even though now I knew what you did

By: Josuee :) Always S&J <3
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