Teri Desario - Fallin chords

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Fallin -Teri Desario
Tabbed By :Christian Estoesta
British School Manila
key of C...for the female voice/ I just Add the Piano part lines in intro/adlib 
plus the piano part lines like  (WhenI Fall In Love) and the corresponding chords 
to the lines like(are not afraid to die) (and then they let me fall,) 

FALLINí  Intro : C Dm Em F G /  C=Do Mi So So, Dm= la Re Fa Fa, Em=So Ti Mi Mi, 
F=Fa , So= Re Repeat Intro

FM7           Em    FM7               Em
I'm afraid to fly,  and I don't know why
     F             C                                 Dm C  Bb F    G
I'm jealous of the people who   are not afraid to die
FM7                Em     FM7           Em
It's just that I recall, back when I was small
        F                    C
Someone promise that they'd catch me
         Dm  C  Bb  F     G
But then they let me fall

                   F,Em     F,Em     E    Am
REF:   And now I'm fallin,  fallin  fast again
        Ab                C    Dm               
        Why do I always take a fall   
        Dm           Fm      C   Dm  Em F G
        When I fall..... in love

FM7                    Em                FM7                     Em
You think by now I've learned, play with fire  You'll get burn
     F                 C                               Dm   C  Bb F    G
But fire can be oh so warm  and that's why i return

FM7            Em    FM7                Em
Turn and walk away, that's what i should do
    F                            C                          Dm C Bb F  G
My head says go and find the door, my heart says I found you  (refrain)

C                G
Loving someone, losing mysef
FM7              G
Only got me to blame
              F,Em     F,Em      E              Am
 Help me I'm fallin,   Fallin , catch me if you can
Ab                     C
Maybe this time, Iíll have it all
Ab                   C
Maybe Iíll make it after all
Ab               C          
May be this time I wont fallÖ.       
Dm            Fm            C
When I fall   ,,,,,,   in love
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