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Terminal - Wisher tab

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Terminal - Wisher
Live solo acoustic Travis plays this in drop-D, but unless you have massively long 
that can get very very hard to play (as the D# is played 115xxx), so i'm just going to show 
in standard. enjoy.

(intro)- Gm, Dm, A#, D#, F

(verse)- Gm, F, Gm, D#

(prechorus)- Dm, D#, Gm, F

(chorus)- Gm, Dm, D#, A#

(bridge)- Gm, D#, D, D#, F

Gm      F

I walk faster

       Gm              D#

but it always catches up to me

Gm      F

we talk all night

Gm           D#

never saying anything

Dm    D#        Gm      F

I am all that's in my way.

       Dm   D#        Gm    F

Do you ever feel the same?

Gm   Dm           D#    A#

Miracles don't exist in us,

        Gm       Dm    D#    A#

we just wish ourselves away

Gm  D# D    D#

I'm not right this way,

removed and so ashamed
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