Terri Clark - When Boy Meets Girl chords

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Capo 1
Intro: C   G  F (x4) 
First it's baseball, arcades in the mall  
C                                  G             C 
Skipping out of the study hall to hang with the guys 
Then its fast cars, rock 'n' roll guitars  
C                                G           C  
Lightin' up behind the barn and not knowing why  

C                   G            F 
But his life is about to change 
C                           G         F 
He's never gonna be the same 
C                                   F 
And he'll be living in a different world 
When boy meets girl
C  G F (x2) 
One smile one look he's nearly on the hook 
C                               G       C 
Got it bad and feeling good all over inside  
He ain't got a clue what he's going through  
C                  G             C 
But he's going to just give him time 
C                      F       C  
He never polished his boots before 
G                    F 
Never thought about what he wore 
C                    F          G  Am  
Never knew he could feel like that 
Now there ain't no way he can ever go back 
Instrumental: C  G F (x2)  C  F  G 
CHORUS (x2) 
C  G F (x3)  C
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