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Terri Clark - I Just Wanna Be Mad tab

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I Just Wanna Be Mad - Terri Clark
Album: Pain To Kill

**Capo 3rd fret** (how Terri plays it)

Intro: G    C  D (x2)

Last night we went to bed not talkin'
Cause we'd already said too much
I faced the wall you faced the window
G                                 C
Bound and determined not to touch

We've been married seven years now

Some days it feels like twenty-one
I'm still mad at you this morning
G                     C
Coffee's ready if you want some
D                         Am7
I've been up since five, thinking 'bout me and you
D                        C               D
And I've gotta tell you, the conclusion I've come to

I'll never leave I'll never stray
My love for you will never change
Em                        C               D
But I ain't ready to make up, we'll get around to that
G                                  D
I think I'm right, I think you're wrong
                              Am Am7
I'll probably give in before long
Please don't make me smile
C            D                G
I just wanna be mad for awhile

G    C  D (x2)

For now you might as well forget it
Don't run your fingers through my hair
Yeah that's right I'm being stubborn
G                        C
No I don't wanna go back upstairs
D                          Am7
I'm gonna leave for work, without a goodbye kiss
D                        C      D
But as I'm drivin' off, just remember this


Instrumental:  G  D  Em  C D



C            D            G
I just wanna be mad for awhile
C            D            G
I just wanna be mad for awhile
C            D            G
I just wanna be mad for awhile

C  D  G


G   =   320003
C   =   x32010
D   =   xx0232
Em  =   022000
Em7 =   020000
Am  =   x02210
Am7 =   x02010
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