Thaddeus Dale Johnson - My Song Aint Over Yet chords

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D              Bb  C               A
Some days its hard – to do what’s best
D                      Bb                 C
When the wheels keep turning – you don’t get nowhere
D               Bb  C                      A
Yeah times get hard – and there’s none to spare
D             Bb           C
Wolfs at the door and baby he sleeps there 
Bb                    A
But I’m no worse for wear…I’ll persevere

D               Bb    C                 A
Some days it’s cursed – some days it’s blessed
D               Bb             C
Sometimes it’s both – it’s anyone’s guess
D          Bb  C                A
The pages turn – they’ll never end
D            Bb        C
Everyday I’m gonna start again
Bb                  A
My song ain’t over yet…I’ll make amends

D               Bb  C               A
When life gets long – and weekdays blend
D            Bb             C
The seasons change and we change with them
D          Bb  C                 A
I think of you and the times we spent
D          Bb         C
I think of time as an endless thread
Bb                      A
I’ll see you around the bend…we’ll meet again
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