The Abramson Singers - Do Not Love Too Long chords

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First tab, so please forgive me if I can't get the chords to be highlighted... haha. 
Anyway, this song is based off the poem by William Butler Yeats. I feel like I shouldn't 
have to type this, but just in case: I do not own anything in this song.

No capo

Sweetheart do not love too long,

G        D
I loved long and long,

C                      Em
And grew to be out of fashion,

C          D
Like an old song,

All through the years of our youth,

G                   D
Neither could have known,

C                              Em
Their own thoughts from the others,

C                  D
We were so much at one,

C                      Em
But O, in a minute (s)he changed,

O do not love too long,

C                       Em
Or you'll be out of fashion,

Em          D
Like an old song.
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