The Academy Is - Summer Hair Forever Young chords

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Artist: The Academy Is
Title: Summer Hair (Forever Young)
Album: Fast Times In Barrington High
Lyrics: William Beckett, Mike Carden

Dm - Bm - F#m
Dm - Bm - F#m - Gm

[Verse 1]
Dm             Bm              F#
We're crashing cars we used to share
Dm              Bm              F#   Gm
With summer girls, with summer hair
Dm                Bm               F#
We're driving around chasing the cars
                        Dm                Am
But the party's busted up before it ever starts

                   Dm          Gm
I'll never let you fall, don't ever forget
                 Bm     Am      Gm
Tell me you'll remember forever young
                   Dm         Gm
I'll never let you fall, it's not over yet
              Bm    Am      Gm
You and me forever, forever young
      Em      Dm
We're forever young

Dm - Bm - F#m - Gm

[Verse 2]
Dm          Bm                  F#m
Stop making plans, start making sense
Dm           Bm                 F#m   Gm
Don't you believe any word they said
Dm                  Bm                F#
Sparked up, sparked up like a book of matches
                    Dm                Am
Falling through the night and rising from the ashes

[Repeat Chorus]

Dm             Gm      Bm                 Dm
Don't come any closer, don't tell me it's over
Am                Bm           Gm
Don't kiss me goodbye, here we are
     Dm              Am
Am I taking this too hard?
                    Gm        Bm              Dm
Don't say that it's easy, the hardest part is leaving
Am               Bm
Don't you wonder why
Gm             Dm          Am     Dm          
Suddenly we're all running out of time


Dm    Bm      F#m
We're forever young
We're forever young
Bm - F#m - Gm - Dm
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