The Afters - The Way You Are tab

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Intro: Bb Ab Eb F#

Verse 1:
Bb (picking)
Until you came
I was just the same 
              Eb (full)     
As everybody else
        F#       Ab        Bb (picking)
Whoever saw the light and turned away

Bb (picking)
You love me now
You loved me then
                   Eb (full)
And every now and again
                         F#         Ab       Bb (picking)   
You show me how it would be if Iíd gone the other way

Pre-Chorus: (palm mute)
Eb      F#       Ab        Eb              F#       Ab  Eb        
After all this time Iíve come to find my soulís fragility
             F#  Ab      Eb              F#     Ab
But youíve rectified my frailty by your strength

Chorus: (full)
               F#                      C#
Itís like the sun swallowed up by the earth
       F#              C#
Like atomic bombs in reverse
         Bb                     Eb
As if a glass could contain the sea
           F#       Ab     Eb
Thatís the way you are in me
           F#       Ab     Bb (picking) 
Thatís the way you are

Verse 2:
Bb (picking)
Now here I stand
Looking back 
                          Eb (full)
To the way things used to be
            F#   Ab    Bb (picking)
But I will never be alone again

Bb (picking)
ĎCause youíre with me
And now I see
                 Eb (full)
What it means to me
         F#      Ab     Bb (picking)
To be a part of such a mystery



Bb Ab F# Ab Bb 


Thatís the way you are in me
With Eb= 3 times
With Bb= 4 times
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