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The Afters - Keeping Me Alive chords

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Song: Keeping Me Alive
Artist: The Afters
Tabbed By:  Pastor BBVISR

This is my first posting.  I just love this song.  Let me know if you like it! Because of Him! 

Capo on 1st Fret 

Intro:  (G, Am, F, G, Am, F) 2x
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     G       Am      F
It's like I never lived
           G    Am   F
Before my life with you
     G      Am       F
So much was missing here
   G     Am    F
I never even knew
G  Am   F           G     Am  F
I still picture the place we were
     G  Am  F           G Am F
When I fell into your world
C    C2     Em
My heart is in you
       F         C
Where you go you carry me
C    C2
I bleed
If you bleed
Your heart beats
Inside of me
        G      Am   F      G Am F
You're keeping me alive
(G Am F)
I don't know why feel this way
But something's right
You're like the morning air 
Before the light arrives
No more lonely and
No more night
No more secrets to hide
Dm             G
I'll hold you near
     C               G Am F
Together, we'll never die
      G       Am        F    
Your love is keeping me alive
      G       Am        F    
Your love is keeping me alive
      G       Am        F    
Your love is keeping me alive


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