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The Afters - Ocean Wide chords

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Artist: The Afters
Song: Ocean Wide
Created by: Pandamoose

Hey guys, this is my first time ever submitting any music online.  All the chords should 
very accurate.
Any feedback on formatting would be appreciated along with any corrections or song 
should be e-mailed
to  I use *simplified* chords that give you the basic 
of how the song
is played.  Feel free to get a bit creative with it.  These chords may not be the actual 
of the chords.
They're only labeled the way they are for notation purposes.  Check the bottom of the 
for fingerings.

For whatever reason, the way I figured out that's best to play this song is to simply 
all the strings
down by one half step.  Check the bottom of the page where the chords are for the 
 The notes in the
() is what I have my guitar tuned to to play this song.

Verse 1:
D2       D*
    Look outside
It's already light and the stars ran away with the night
D2                D*
    Things we're said,
words that we'll try forget, it's so hard to admit
G  Bm  A
          I know we've made mistakes
G  Bm  A
          I see through all the tears
G  Bm  A
          and that's what got us here

D2                D*    Bm
    If love is an ocean wide
                  F#m      G
We'll swim in the tears we cry
               D2                   G
They'll see us through to the other side
We're gonna make it
D2                 D*     Bm
    When love is a raging sea
             F#m   G
You can hold on to me
             D2  G
We'll find a way tonight
Asus             D2 (G if going to bridge)
Love is an ocean wide

Chorus-Verse instrumental:
D2(last chord in chorus)  D*  G  D2

Verse 2:
D2                 D*
   I'll stay right here
It's where I'll always belong, tied with your arms
D2        D*               G
Days like this,
I wish the sun wouldn't set, I don't want to forget
G  Bm  A
          What made us feel this way
G  Bm  A
          You see through all my fears
G  Bm  A
          And that's what got us here

Bridge (jumps in from last line of chorus):
A         G
enough to forget
D2                    G
Even when we think we can't
Think we can't

Chords used in this tab:

       D2  D*  G  Bm  A  F#m  Asus
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