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The Airborne Toxic Event - Innocence tab

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CAPO on 4th FRET
All chords and tabs are relative to capo



eventually evolves into G, C, Cadd9, C, G

Well, I lost my innocence today
I could feel her in my bones
My bones, my bones, my bones
My blood, my blood, my blood, my blood

and I woke up, tired, scared and sad
Soaked, drained, I felt so bad

Today, today, today
What you still, you still, you still, you still
Won't you say, you say, you say, you say
What you feel, you feel, you feel, you feel
          Em                           Am
Which is nothing but hollow feelings, yeah
   C                   G
I can, done, I just don't care

(chords same as previous verse)
and forget happiness, I'm fine
I'll forget everything in time
I swear I didn't know,
You know me, how I can't let go
and we're not guts, we're just hacks
all that life amongst the cracks
The scars, the siege that breaks 
The ugliest scene, the worst mistakes 
and everywhere I see her face
Such a beautiful child, such an awful waste
and there's no innocence like hers
Just emptiness and nerves

          D                           Em
and this light from the window of my car
              C             G
She'll never see it, oh my god
              D                       Em
I was so surprised, it blew up in my face
                  C          G  D  C
Lord, I lost my nerve, oh my go-o-od...
       G    D    C
Oh my god, oh my... god

G, C, Cadd9, C, G

G                      C  Cadd9 C   G
and I tear, I tear, so haa-aaa-aaa-ard...
and I tear, I tear, so haa-aaa-aaa-ard...

      Em                      Am
and I beg and scream, "I was wrong"
C                          G
  It's over, well, she's gone
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