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The Airborne Toxic Event - Duet chords

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Capo on 3

I've been away for far too long.
            F                   G
I've had my mind wrapped around this one song
I heard last week on the radio while
F                 G                 C
Driving near that place we used to go

          Am              G
Where the track homes all look the same
           F                           G
With their roofs and the tiles and the similar frames 
        Am                          G
All the streets are so wide and the cars are so lame
       F                       G               C
And on every block I heard the whisper of your name.

I spent so many evenings in my head
    F               G
I'd lie alone on an unmade bed
Counting the minutes like numbered clocks
         F                              G
Should I call, should I write, should I read, should I stop?

	 Am                       G
I'm a child, I'm a ghost, I'm a slur, I'm a boast,
	 F                        G
I'm a prince, I'm a king, I'm a rhyme, I'm a ring,
    Am                   G
I'm unable to sleep, I'm unable to sing,
      F                     G                  C
I'm a desperate and lonely, frightened, unholy thing

                    Am        G             C
And you'd say la la la I'm so glad I'm over you
       Am                           G                   C
As you reach for your drink and you tell me you like my shoes
      Am                                    G
And I smile like a wretch, there's not much else I can do
        Am                            G
I say I know what you mean, yeah it's weird for me too
             F                 G            C
Besides what would I sing about... if I had you?

Kinda sounds like la la la...

Am G C
F G C Am F G C 

I think maybe it was Radiohead
              F                       G
That had this weird little beat and a keyboard instead
Of guitar playing chords, I remember how bored
You would get with those bands
           G                             C
You always said they play the same three chords

          Am                   G
And you'd dance around in your t-shirt and sing
          F                     G
Don't you love Modest Mouse and adore Promise Ring?
          Am                       G  
Don't you wish that you could just avoid everything?
       F                     G                    C
Join a band, go on tour, and think of me when you sing?

                    Am           G              C
And I'd think la la la yeah that sounds okay to me
          Am                      G               C
And you'd fall on the bed and I'd fall down to my knees
        Am                 G
And I'd smile like my life depended on it
          Am                 G
That's so weird I was mostly right about that
       F                 G        C
Always eager to love and eager to leave

La la la la...
Am G C
F G C Am F G C 

                    Am           G            C
And I'd think la la la all these songs are so untrue
     Am            G              C
As I stare at this fading side of you
       Am                    G
And we don't belong and it's all so wrong
           Am                  G
And you're beautiful with that gray scarf on
        F             G                   C
I think yeah okay but maybe it's just the song
      F               G                 C
And I miss you but it might just be the song
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