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The Allman Brothers Band - Firing Line tab

Band: Allman Brothers Band
Album: Hittin' the Note
Song: Firing Line
Written by Gregg Allman and Warren Haynes

Tabbed by: fendercustomstrat

This song is awesome. It's a real hard rock song with tons of riffs that say Allman
all over them.
 It also has two solos, one on slide by Derek Trucks with his Gibson '61 Reissue SG in 
E and one
by Warren Haynes with his Gibson '58 Reissue ES-335. Sorry, I use standard tuning for 
so you're
going to have to figure out Derek's slide solo for yourself, but I have Warren's solo
out. The song is in the key of E7.

Main riff (4x in intro)
E -3-0---0--------------------------------------|
B -----3---3p0----------------------------------|
G ---------------2b2bp0----0h2p0----------------|
D ------------------------2--------0h2p0--------|
A ----------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------3------|

Riff 1 for Guitar 2 (Derek plays this one many times throughout the verse)
E -3-0--0---------|
B -----3--3p0-----|
G# ---------------|
E ----------------|
B ----------------|
E ----------------|

Riff 1 for Guitar 1 and Bass (Warren and Oteil create harmony by playing Riff 1 an
lower than Derek)
E ----------------|
B ----------------|
G ----------------|
D -5--------------|
A -- 7-5-7p5------|
E ------------7---|

Here's a riff that you can do in standard tuning to mimic Derek's slide in open E
(0:15, 1:16, 3:11)
E ---------------------|
B ----10-10br 8--------|
G -/9------------9-----|
D ---------------------|
A ---------------------|
E ---------------------|

Riff 2 - Pre-Chorus (0:40, 1:31, 3:19, ) Fingerpick this part! (Pick from the D string first!)
E ---------------------------------------------|
B ---12--12--12--12\11--11--11--11\--10--------|
G ---------------------------------------------|
D -12--12--12--12\11--11--11--11\--10----------|
A ---------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------|

Chorus - Use Barre Chords for this part (0:51, 1:40, 3:29)

A                     C                 E
Hey now baby, Don't you think it's high time?
Riff 3 - Definitely an ABB Riff! (0:56, 1:45, 3:34)
 --------14br12 14br12---------------------------|
 D                         A                 G      E
To change your life's direction, Get off the firing line

Derek's Slide Solo starts at 1:59. Get out your slide and have some fun with it!

Interlude - Organ and Guitar 1 plays E7. Go back to Riff 1 after that.

At 3:48 Gregg says,"Get off the firing line!" Go directly into Warren's solo after that.

Warren's solo (3:49)

E -------------------12-------------------------------------------------------|
B -------------------12---15br12----12----------------------------------------|
G -/9vv\0--------14b---------------14------12-14-14b14b-12h14p12-----12----12-|
D -------------------------------------14--------------------------14---14----|
A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|

E -------------12--15b--12h15p12-----12-----------------------|
B -------------12---------------- 15-----15b--12h15p12-----12-|
G --------14b------------------------------------------14-----|
D ------------------------------------------------------------|
A ------------------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------------|

E ------------------------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------12h14h15----------|
G -14b-14b-14b-14b--12h14p12-----12---12----------------------|
D ----------------------------14---14-------------------------|
A ------------------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------------|

E --------------------------------------------------------------|
B -14h15p14\12/14-----12h14h15-12h14p12-----------12h14p12------|
G ---------------------------------------14-12h14------------14-|
D --------------------------------------------------------------|
A --------------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------|

E ---------------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------------------------------|
G -12h14p12----------------------------------------------14br----|
D ----------12h14p12----------------------------12h14------------|
A --------------------12h14p12-----------12h14-------------------|
E ------------------------------15p12----------------------------|

E --------------------------------------17b--17p15h17b-----------15---|
B -------------------------------15h17----------------------15h17-----|
G -12h14p12-----12-----12---------------------------------------------|
D ----------14------14------------------------------------------------|
A --------------------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------------|

E -17-17p15--17bp15----------------12---------------------12-------------|
B ----------------------17--- 12h15-----15p12------12h15-----15p12-------|
G --------------------------------------------14--------------------14---|
D -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------|

E ---------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------|
G -16b--14b-14b-14b--12----------12------|
D ---------------------------14----------|
A ---------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------|

Pre-Chorus 1x

Here is a harmony part with both guitars (I know one of them is in open E, but try both
with standard first) Play around with them a little bit. It sounds nice with both played 
but in the real song the pre-chorus is played then Guitar 1, the pre-chorus again, and 
Guitar 2.

Guitar 1			Guitar 2
E ------------------------------	E ------------------9-10-12-14---|
B -----------------7-8-10-12----	B ------7-8-10-12----------------|
G -------4-6-7-9----------------	G -7-9---------------------------|
D -5-7--------------------------	D -------------------------------|
A ------------------------------	A -------------------------------|
E ------------------------------	E -------------------------------|

The song fades out on the 2nd harmony part. I hope you enjoyed my first tab. Play around 
and have fun playing. Questions and comments about the Allman Brothers, my tab, guitars 
jazz, blues, classic rock, and the origins of heavy metal are welcome.
e-mail me at
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