The Antlers - I Dont Want Love chords

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Intro: (same as chorus)
Dm Am F C

             F             C
You want to climb up the stairs,
           Am             G
I want to push you right down.
       F          C
But I let you inside
            Am       G
so you can push me around.

If I leave before you
then I won't go alone.
Keep your hands to yourself
when you follow me home.

                  F C F C Dm Am F C
I don't want love.
                  F C F C Dm Am F C
I don't want love.

You wake up with helping hands.
Who's down below?
I should have built better walls
or slept in my clothes.

So if I see you again,
desperate and stoned,
keep your prison locked up
and I will leave my gun at home.

I don't want love.
I don't want love. 
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