The Ashtray Hearts - Let It End tab

Ashtray Hearts - Let It End Lyrics

Tuning: Standard


Acoustic:       D-G, D-G, D-A,  D-G alternate 2x

D-barre chord 10th fret

E: ---------------------10-----------------------------------------------------|
B: -----------------10---------------------------------------------------------|
G: ------------11--------------------------------------------------------------|
D: --------12------------------------------------------------------------------|
A: ----12----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E: -10-------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Electric {lightly strum same chords as electric}

G          D
When i woke up
A          D    A
You had called
Bm                       A                          D
They had torn up the streets and you were late
Bm                  A
The war was on
G                              D
Our reservations lost
         Bm               A                      D   A
There was nothing to keep you from me
A                  D     G
On a Michigan road
A               D   A
We got caught
Bm                      A                          D
There was no way that we could get to town
Bm                         A
So the cards were drawn
G                              D
The banks they piled on
         Bm               A                      D
For one night you promised to believe

Rhythm:                   [Note: Barre during solo Bm (7th fret),  D#m]
 Bm  A            D#m/D
 Bm               A                      D
 Bm  A            G                      D
 Bm               A                      D

E: ----5-------------------5---------------------|
B: -7---5--5------------7v----7-5-5--5-----------|
G: -----------7-6-7-----------------------7-6-7--|


G          D
When i woke up
G          D
We were here
Bm                        A                      D
We had come all this way to pass the time
Bm                A
The war was on
G                            D      Bm
And all our friends had gone
A                         D
But we wouldn't let it end
Bm               A                        G
Between the truth and better days
A                          D
We wouldn't let it end

Outro:  {electric pick some notes}
G   D
G   D
A   D
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