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The Avett Brothers - Pretty Girl From Annapolis chords

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                          Pretty Girl From Annapolis

 Capo II

                               F      G       C
           (V1)  Oh don't you look at me that way
                 I would be honest
                     G            C      Am
                 But I don't know how to say
                           F    G       C
                 I've been lazy with my love
                           F         G
                 Can't you give me a chance
                    C       Am    F     G     C
                 To make it up to you

           (V2)  I'm always chasing some far-off dream
                 My lady, I know it's not easy
                 For you to see
                 But I lie to myself
                 And your loveliness, no it doesn't help
                 no, your beautiful smile don't help

                 Am  G         C
         (Chor)  My dreams are lies
                 Am   G      F        C
                 That I have tried to ignore
                 Am  G      C 
                 My dreams fly me
                      F          G    C
                 To a place near Baltimore

           (V3)  And I love this moment we're in
                 Though we may not ever see this
                 Moment again
                 May you find all that you need
                 An easy way to forget about me
                 May you forget about me


           (V4)  If I don't make it to the spring
                 May you find the joy that a melody brings
                 Through my dear brother's
                 ragged six-string
                 Singing the songs we're embarrassed to sing
                 May you never be embarrassed to sing


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