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The Avett Brothers - Laundry Room chords

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I created these chords, because I really love this song and the chords that are on
Ultimate-Guitar so far, are in my opinion a bit too much simplified and don't really honor
this great song. This is still way more simplified than the original, but it gets pretty 
far with one guitar.
Try fiddling around with some transfers, e.g.
0-2-3 on the E-String before playing the G-Chord at the beginning of a line,
0-2-3 on the A-String before playing the C-Chord at the beginning of a line,
that really fires up the whole song :)

INTRO:                           G-Chord


Gsus4: 320013
G*: 302003
Cmaj7: x32000

   G     G*     G
  Don't push me out,
G         G*     G
  Just a little longer
  Stall your mother,
Cmaj7                      G Gsus4 G
  Disregard your father's words.
G             G*     G
  Close the laundry door,
G           G*        G
  Tiptoe across the floor
  Keep your clothes on,
Cmaj7                   G Gsus4 G
  I got all that I can take
  Teach me how to use
Cmaj7                           G Gsus4 G
  The love that people say you made


G            G*       G
  Stop your parents' car
G         G*              G
  I just saw a shooting star
  We can wish upon it
Cmaj7                            G Gsus4 G
  But we wont share the wish we made
  But I cant keep no secrets,
Cmaj7                            G Gsus4 G
  I wish that you would always stay

G                G*                    G
  Last night I dreamt the whole night long
G                G*           G
  I woke with a head full of songs
  I spent the whole day
Cmaj7                           G Gsus4 G
  I wrote 'em down, but its a shame
  Tonight I'll burn the lyrics,
Cmaj7                           G Gsus4 G
  'Cause every chorus was your name


G             G*           G
  Break this tired old routine
G           G*                  G
  And this time don't make me leave
G          G*               G
  I am a breathing time machine,
G               G*         G
  I'll take you all for a ride
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