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The Avett Brothers - One Line Wonder tab

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 one line wonder

 totally accurate!

  INTRO (same chords as verse)

   chords for verse
   g   em             b             c
    i love you but i cant remember why,
   g      em           b             c
  stars fallin from a half forgoten sky
           g         b          em        c
  i was a one line wonder in my own love song.

[ Tab from: ]
  I keep a little journel
  by my bed
  dreams help me find the 
  words i havent said
  like when a little girly 
  said good bye to me
         d         c    g            d         c        g
  from behind a screen door, i wont see here again ime sure

                g     c    g
  well didnt i say i need you,
              g   am  f  c  g
  i tried to move on but i cant

  i tried to think of bad times
  good memories are all i have 

  there you go, one line wonder.
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