The Axis Of Awesome - The Glorious Epic Of Three Men chords

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Song: The Glorious Epic of Three Men
Artist: Axis of Awesome
Album: Animal Plane
Key:?   (This song is all sort of crazy but the closes I can come is E or A)

Intro: Em    C    Am     F#   Bm    C#      Em     B     Bm

Verse: 1
Through the mist of smoke and flame
Rides a man, a mighty lord
His foes fall in pain
Women cry his name
Em                     B
The gift of rock his reward

With a voice that can power light bulbs
Wound a bear and shatter souls
He calms the hounds of Hades
All the single ladies
Put your hands up
Rock 'n Roll

Verse: 2
Under rock and craggy mountain
In the ancient hall he dwells
His piano shines with glory
He sings an ancient story
Em                   B         
Of betrayal by the Elves

Commentary: 1

Wait, sorry. Ancient halls? Elves?
You're making me a dwarf, aren't you?

No, no. You are a mighty warrior

His six brothers, grim and
They saw a maid, as white as snow
A magic mirror found her
Now she's off, they flounder
Em                                 B
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work he goes

Commentary: 2

Ah, thanks. I'm a dwarf then, a Disney dwarf
Yes, yes! A mighty, mighty dwarf!

Bridge: 1
Am                              Em
Man of earth and man of fire
D               G       C
Battle brothers to the core
Bm                        Am
Valor soaring ever higher
D          F#m                     B
But we're empty, lost without one more

Verse: 3
Hello, my name is Lee
G                             C       A
And I play the guitar        OOOOOOOHHHHHH
D                 B
And I play the guitar!

Commentary: 3


Chorus: 1
C                            G    
And so we ride onwards to destiny
Bm           D        Em
Our foes and enemies slain
A                        F#
Fighting fierce beasts, eating their meats
A    D         B
We ride!                                             
And Awesome's our name

Commentary: 4

Riding on a skeleton horse of fire!

Riding on a skeleton horse of fire!

But no, I'm riding a skeleton horse of fire

Ya, you have to pick something different

Riding on a skeleton horse of... water!

What? A waterhorse?

You mean like a seahorse?

Well, at least I'm not riding on a chicken!

Who said I'm riding on a chicken?

Riding on a chicken!

But why do I have to ride a chicken?
You guys got to choose yours!
I want to ride a dragon!

Chorus: 2
C                            G
And so we ride onwards to destiny
Bm         D             Em
On horse, seahorse, and hen
A                F#
Evil destroyed, homeless employed
A   D        B
We ride!    
From now till the end

D                 Am
And in the misty halls of Asgard
F               C
Where the Gods watch over man
Dm             E         Am           D
They tried to curse the Axis for our pride
Bm           Am
But alas, we were too awesome
F                  C
Their powers weak against our might
Dm                        F
So we kicked them in the balls
And then they cried

Chorus: 3
C                          G
And so we ride onwards to destiny
Bm           D               Em
With swords and weapons and shit
Lightning will flash
Thunder will clash
A   D            A
We ride into infinity!

C#m                      F#m
We fly and don't need a plane
B      G#
We'll fill you with love
      B           E      A#
Till heaven and earth combine!
And Awesome's our name
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