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The Band Perry - Walk Me Down The Middle chords

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This is easy, have fun :)

If you dont want to play Cadd9, then play C, it doesn't make a lot of difference.

Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G D D

Cadd9   D       G          Cadd9
I was meant to be by your side
 Cadd9      D      G         Cadd9
And I have waited here a long time
   Cadd9    D       G             Cadd9
For you to turn around and notice me
     Am              D
But now you're here holding hands with me

Cadd9             D                    G
Walk me down the middle of the county fair
Cadd9             D                     G     F
Walk me down the middle like you don't ca-----re
Cadd9            D
Walk me by the ferris wheel
          G   D/F#  Em
And make sure she sees
Cadd9                D
Let the whole world know you belong to me

Cadd9 G Cadd9 D

Cadd9  D   G               Cadd9
I heard about your bitter end
       Cadd9    D         G                     Cadd9
About how she stole your heart and put it back again
       Cadd9    D       G              Cadd9
Well I may not be the prettiest girl around
Am                         D
But I sure am a sight for sore, sore eyes



                  C          G
I'd walk through fire for you
                     C        G
Walk through barbed wire for you
               C           G
I'd walk for miles, it's true
Just to be with you



This is similar to the other tabs except i definitely hear an F and an Em in the chorus, 
but any corrections let me know
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