The Barron Knights - Ann And Joe chords

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Fm ///
Long ago...
Fm ///                 Eb ///     
Outside a chip shop in Walthamstow,
Eb ///                    C# ///   
Was a young rocker called Greasy Joe,
   C# ///                 C ///            C ///  
He put on his helmet, and said “let's go!”

Fm ///
He was keen,
Fm ///                      Eb ///
Off up the High Street like Barry Sheene,
Eb ///                 C# ///
Doing his best to look very mean,
 C# ///               C ///         C /// 
'Till he met Ann on a new machine,

F ///
Rrrrummm-ing away together,
F ///
Rrrrummm-ing away in leather,
Bb ///       Bb /// 
Ann and Joe,

                F /// 
They passed the Bloody Tower
             Bb ///
At a hundred miles an hour,
              F ///
And they were so amazed,
          Bb ///
The Tower Bridge was raised,
              F ///   
They raced up to the top,
               Bb ///
And found they couldn't stop,
                F ///
They flew right off the end,
           Bb ///
And landed in the Thames,
        C /// 
Hand in hand...

(Fade out) 
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