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The Bella Cullen Project - My Little Moon tab

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TEAM JACOB FOREVER!!!!!!!! :D  (Shekiah here, of course. ;)

Standard tuning; no capo

Am          Em
Edward if I recall
            Am            Em
You left me crying on the floor
                 Am            Em
And I didnít get up for 3 more months
                 Am              Em
Until I found my way out of that storm.

Am        Em
I saw the sun
       Cadd9         Em
In the form of Jacob Black
Am          Em
No I didnít think
              Am          Em
That you were ever coming back.

G         Cadd9        D
My little sun keeps me warm when I am cold
G         Cadd9         Am
My little sun is nearly 40 years old
G         Cadd9        D
My little sun keeps shining way past noon.
G         Cadd9       Am
My little sun, is now My Little Moon.

etc, etc
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