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The Boy Least Likely To - God Takes Care Of The Little Things tab

God Takes Care of the Little Things
By: The Boy Least Likely To
From the album: The Best Party Ever

This is a nice little ditty I like listening to in my Media Arts class.
Standard Tuning. Enjoy. It's even better if you can get a recorder or a flute to play 
melody along with the acoustic guitar.

Recorder transcribed for guitar:
b--10 8--- 8 -----8 10-10 8----- 10  8-- 8 ---------------------|
g------ 10---   10---------  10   ---- 10--10 7 1010 10\12------|

Acoustic Guitar(barre chords):

F  Gm  Am  Bb     [x2 - first time alone, second time with recorder]
F  Eb  Bb  C

F         Gm
Everything ends
   Am      Bb
The way it begins
F        Eb           Bb      C
God takes care of the little things
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