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The Boy Least Likely To - I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes tab

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	I See Spiders When I Close my Eyes - The Boy Least Likely To
Tabbed by: Kaptin Ukraine

Tuning: Standard

What a great band!  Their stuff's pretty easy but I figgered I'd throw some out there 
kicks cause we all get lazy sometimes!

Chords Used:

    E      A        A2        F#m

Intro: E -> A2


E                         A
I've got nothing to worry about
E                  A
So I worry about nothing
E                 F#m
I think I've got fleas
E                  F#m
Or some tropical disease
E                      A
My spider sense is tingling

I've got nothing to panic about
So i panic about nothing
I won't buy grapes
I check the sell by dates
I only eat fruit out of tins


I've got the blues
I've got lips in my shoes
E                     A
And I'm scared of the countryside
F#m               A            (n/c)                 E -> A2
I can't sleep cos I see spiders when I close my eyes
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