The Brew - Whos The Boss chords

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The Brew
Who's the Boss

submitted by: Logan Salminen (chords from Chris Plante)
thanks chris!

Danza Tortoise is a weird one cuase its all about the bass line...but check it out anyways...

Im hitting Aminor7 the whole time on the 2 and 4 and the bass line goes like this:

A F# G B C D E G (repeat)


Fmaj7 Bb7(T#11) A- A-/G F
D- G7(T13) F#-7(T11) F7 (T#11) E7sus4

keyboard solo section Eb major 7 to Cmaj7

the whole thing modulates up a whole step after that so take every chord and push it up 
whole step...the bass line switches up during the end jam every other time its

B C# D F# G# A A A#
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