The Camerawalls - My Lifes Arithmetic Means chords

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since wala pang chords na binibigay sa bagong mga kanta ng The Camerawalls 
(, naisipan kong gumawa, ganda kasi nito

My Life's Arithmetic Means

Intro: 1 strum G7

Stanza 1:
             C        Am       Dm       G
Anytime you need someone to hold on
                C       Am      Dm       G
Even though it's only words of comfort
Whatever you are doing
        Am             Dm7       G7
You can always count on me

             C       Am     Dm      G
Chemically induced hallucinations
               C        Am       Dm       G
Do you want to heal or push the knife on
              Em            Am            Dm7     G-G7
I can be the only drug that you will ever need

              F                      Fm
I'll be your North, your South, Your East and West
     C                         Am
Your pillow, your wine and your Sunday's rest
When the twilight sets in
     G                      C  -  C7
I'll pin your curtains with stars

 F                 Fm
Laughter always forgives and forgets
            C                         Am
Oh, like a bubble at a touch, I won't let you break
I won't even pretend
                 Fm            Ab  (+optional G)  -  C  -  G7
Cause you're the value of my life's arithmetic means

C-Am-Dm-G (2X) then Em-Am-Dm-G7

Stanza 2:
                    C        Am       Dm       G
Trouble's that you share are troubles halved
                    C         Am       Dm       G
I'll carry all the weight oh, turnaround
I'll even share these dreams to last
    Am               Dm       G - G7
For fifteen thousand nights

(Repeat Chorus)
                 Fm            Ab  (+optional G)  -  C
Cause you're the value of my life's arithmetic means


that's it!

email me at (also my FB add) fore more questions regarding the 
song, pwede rin magtanong ng chords ng ibang OnL songs atbp.

thanks ultimate-guitar!
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