The Casuals - Jessamine chords

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 Amaj7  Fmaj7   Amaj7     Fmaj7    
What am I       supposed to do
       Amaj7   Fmaj7 C  G
With a girl like Jessamine
Amaj7     Fmaj7     Amaj7  Fmaj7    
Though my eyes  are open   wide
       Am      F       C   G
She's made my life a drea-eam

G               C      F           C 
When Jessamine goes a part of me knows
     Dm         G+
I'm not really living
G             C        F           C
A butterfly child so free and so wild
       Dm        G+
And so full of living

G              Em(g-f-e-d-e)                   Am
When Jesamine stays          though time goes fast
Am          F  C        G
This is my wo-orld at last 
G          Em(g-f-e-d-e)             Am
Beautiful days          lost in her eyes
Am            F     C     G
But then the whole world dies


G+           G7 (d-b-g)
What can you say
G                    C      C/G
When a girl doesn't want to know
Amaj7         Fmaj7
She's too far away
Fmaj7            C      Fmaj7 C  G
And she makes my life a drea- ea-eam




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